Zoo Doors & Animal Enclosures

Specialists in design & manufacture of ZOO and AQUARIUM automated doors. We design to the zoo and handler desires. When designing we keep the safety of the Animals and Handlers as a priority. The use of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic remote controlled operators are utilized. All of the operating equipment is either Remote or Enclosed from any animal’s curiosity. We manufacture both Interior and Exterior Closures and Operators.

If you are designing a secure habitat give us the opportunity to discuss your interests.


Bronx Zoo Elephant Door Project

  1. Elephant double door entry prior to installing the hydraulic cylinders.
  2. Removing the hydraulic cover plates to install the hydraulic actuators.
  3. Installing the hydraulic cylinders to the top of each door panel.
  4. Elephants.
  5. Stainless steel booted push button station.
  6. The end of one door fully open with the hydraulic operating gear fully enclosed.
zoo box