Door Conversions & Retrofits

USA specializes in door conversions, retrofits and rebuilds. If you want to change a Class II Sliding Watertight Door to a Class III, give us a call. We don’t care who manufactured the door, we can adapt to it very competitively. USA will design the conversion equipment to qualify the conversion to the Rules of the Regulatory Agency of your choosing.

Older doors to be upgraded, refinished or retrofitted, we have the qualified technicians to guide you through it.

Give us a call and see if our assistance can make your job easier, decrease your project time and insure approval of the final results.

Other Services

  1. Custom Closure Design, Marine & Land Based.
  2. Worldwide technical experience with most all types of closures.
  3. Specialize in locating and replacing obsolete and replacement parts.
  4. Custom design and manufacturing of obsolete and replacement parts.