Horizontal & Vertical Watertight Sliding Doors

We manufacture 6 types of horizontal and vertical sliding doors, as distinguished as the Presidents they are named for:

The Washington

Single Hydraulic Cylinder


The Jefferson

Dual Hydraulic Cylinders

The Jackson

The Jackson

Horizontal Sliding Flush Sill Door


The Lincoln

Modular Assembly

The Roosevelt

The Roosevelt

Modular Assembly with Enclosure

The Madison

The Madison

Vertical Sliding Flush Sill Door

About Class II & Class III Sliding Watertight Doors

Watertight doors consist of (3) three Classes:

  1. Class I - Doors that are hinged and dogged. (USA does not supply this Class Door).
  2. Class II - Sliding Doors that are operable from both sides of the bulkhead by hand hydraulics. Remote actuation with hand hydraulics is included when required.
  3. Class III - Sliding Doors are operable both locally and remotely by hand and electro-hydraulics.

USA supplies aluminum sliding watertight doors. These can be ordered to any size and can be either hand hydraulic or electro hydraulic operated. These doors are special for Aluminum and Wood vessels. The doors are bolted to the bulkhead and we supply a drill template to make the installation friendlier. If you have an aluminum vessel, and desire a lightweight superior watertight door, give us a call.


USA also offers Vertical upward and downward Sliding Class II and III Watertight Doors. These doors are perfect for that narrow installation you may be forced with.

For more information, or to request a quote for Class II and III sliding doors, click here.

Our manufacturing center is certified QS-9000-TE. We invite all our customers to take the time to visit us and witness their doors actuation and hydrostatic tests. These doors are designed for the watertight integrity in subdivision bulkheads.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you may have.